In the beginning, there was a blog

It’s 11:18 on Saturday night and I finally feel like I’m making progress.

Excuse my complaining right out of the gate, but I’ve been working on this site all day. The majority of the time was spent struggling with finding and locking in a domain name, but don’t get me started on that BS.

I’ll be honest with you, Internet. I’ve been dreaming of starting a website like this for years. For multiple years, I’ve been daydreaming about having a platform to share, inform, question, demonstrate, and examine whatever happens to be on my mind.

And while I’m being sentimental, I’ll go ahead and say it: It feels great to finally stop procrastinating and giving myself reasons to put my goals off, and just start.

So. Here we are.

Thank you for reading, by the way. This is all new to me, so please bear with me, Dear Reader, while I get my sea legs.

Should I introduce myself? That feels like the right thing to do right now.Kaylee Fagan 1 smol

Hi, y’all. I’m Kaylee. I’m a writer and journalist from San Francisco. I’m a pretty big nerd,in a few different senses of the word. Journalism is my calling and my passion, but creativity and entertainment are what get me up in the morning.

This means this site is going to be home to lots of different, not-necessarily-complimentary content.

I’m hoping you’ll show up for the hot Star Wars takes and video game streams, and stay for the informative and deeply reported current events analysis. Or vise-versa. Really either way works.

I’ll write up a more in-depth about me shortly, and the site will keep on getting more and more beautiful as I populate it with more posts and videos. And I’m looking forward to meeting and learning more about you! No one ever made a blog just to dump their writing into the void and never interact with anyone else.

Oh, wait. People do that all the time. Whoops. That’s not my plan, I swear.

I appreciate your patience, Dear Reader. This is going to be a wild ride. I can feel it.


SF-based video journalist, writer, on-camera person. Coffee enthusiast, lover of all things in floral print, was probably a jellyfish in a past life.

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