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Is “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” being re-made?!

A small group of very vocal neckbeards have inspired quite a stir in the fan base in the last week, after calling for Disney to remove Rian Johnson's "The Last Jedi" from the Star Wars canon.




However, a small group of very vocal neckbeards have inspired quite a stir in the fan base in the last week, after calling for Disney to remove Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi” from the Star Wars canon (that is, the official timeline of fictional events), and then claiming to have raised millions of dollars for a fan-written remake.

The request, while ridiculous, isn’t entirely unsurprising. Despite TLJ’s record-breaking box office sales and relatively high Rotten Tomatoes score, lots of fans—particularly the white and male ones—were left feeling disappointed by the film after it came out in December.Related image

“This is a campaign to provide Disney an opportunity to course correct with the Star Wars franchise,” says the group’s website. “The fans are completely divided and the core goal of Star Wars has been abandoned.  The goal is to not make one half of the fandom happy over the other, it is to make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys.”

It remains unclear who exactly died and put them in charge of what the “goal” of Star Wars is, but I digress. also says that unnamed producers have agreed to fund a remake of the movie, while also asking for monetary “pledges” from the greater public. A counter on the homepage says that more than $360 million dollars have been pledged by the group’s supporters, which seems a little hard to believe until you notice that they don’t require any payment or personal info to make a pledge, likely meaning none of that money has actually been paid out.

The campaign to #RemakeTheLastJedi went so viral this week, even TLJ Director Rian Johnson weighed in on Twitter. He seems to be taking their criticism with a healthy amount of humor (or sarcasm, at least):

And while I’m not entirely convinced that the campaign is more than an elaborate trolling at this point, I still find myself asking, as a huge Star Wars fan and “Last Jedi” lover:

What do they think was so wrong with the movie that they would rather remake it than just hope for the best with the next one?

After all, they must know that Disney is going to keep making these movies for as long as people keep buying the toys (see: forever.) And surely they must remember the embarrassingly horrible prequel trilogy, which no one is asking to be removed or remade. So what’s the deal?

Luckily, the campaign’s Twitter account lays out exactly what aspect of the movie these fans take issue with:

So…that’s it. This group of fans would allegedly pay hundreds of millions of dollars to remake a movie about space wizards and laser swords because of a perceived lack of character “relatability.”

In other words, the main characters in this specific Star Wars series—who happen to be mostly women and people of color, for the first time in the franchise—are apparently not “human” enough to be relatable.

Image result for sigh gif

I could happily talk about the story and filmmaking decisions that I liked and disliked from “The Last Jedi” all day long (spoiler: I liked nearly all of them) but that wouldn’t be very productive at this point. Hell, I could also keep talking crap about the hyper-masculinity that has toxified the franchise I love and resulted in the harassment of two actresses I deeply admire, but I won’t, because I won’t convince anyone by doing that.

Fortunately, if you want to be really mad at something you can throw a bunch of money at, I have a better outlet for your anger:

There are still thousands of children being detained away from their parents at the Southern border and throughout the country, with no real plans to reunite them with their families. You can help them by donating here.


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