Letter from the editor: August 10, 2018.

Hi there readers,

Thank you so much for your patience in the last few weeks as my posts have slowed (to a stop). Since we’ve last talked, I’ve moved into a new home and began looking for a new full-time job. Unfortunately both endeavors have severely taken up my time and brain power that I would have rather been using here. The posts will start trickling back in as I adjust to my new life, and I have a few secret new projects in the works as well! Someday, I hope, this site will be a living, thriving place where so many writers and other creators will publish so much work that y’all won’t even notice if I have to take a few weeks off. Well, someday.

Until then, I thank you for reading!



SF-based video journalist, writer, on-camera person. Coffee enthusiast, lover of all things in floral print, was probably a jellyfish in a past life.

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