Hi there!

Welcome to The Loop, where you’ll find (hopefully) useful advice and how-tos, lots of nerdy pop culture stuff, some news analysis, occasional poetic musings and the exceptionally rare, strongly-held opinion. 

The Loop was created by me. My name is Kaylee. I hope someday soon you’ll think of me like a big sister who lives in the internet, someone you can come to about the hard things like life decisions or the sad stuff happening out in the world, but can also ask about awesome things like movie recommendations or the inside-info on the latest and dankest Twitter memes.

But I’ll do my best not to get too far ahead of myself. We just met, after all. This website is in it’s very early stages, so please bear with me as I find my sea legs.

Here’s to the journey ahead,

Kaylee Fagan


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Kaylee Fagan is a writer, video producer and journalist from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. 

She’s written at length about a handful of different, non-complimentary topics, including the “fake news phenomenon” and its effects on the public’s trust in media, “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” gender and sexuality, Reddit memes, hate crimes, Star Wars movies, and lord knows what else. Expect to see all those topics and more covered on this website, on her YouTube channel, and elsewhere.

She hopes you’ll enjoy her work, and not send her nasty emails if you don’t.